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A Guide to Common Gynecological Problems: Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention  

Gynaecological disorders are conditions that affect a woman’s reproductive system. They can be caused by problems with the ovaries, uterus, or cervix, and can lead to problems with fertility, menstruation, and sexual function. Gynaecological disorders can also be caused by infection or inflammation of the reproductive organs. This article discusses some of the most common….

Ectopic pregnancy symptoms & treatment

Today we will discuss “ectopic pregnancy”, what it is, various causes behind this problem, symptoms to check, diagnosis process and prevention. The term pregnancy is used to describe the 9 month time period in which a fetus is developed inside a woman’s womb. Pregnancy starts with a fertilized egg and it normally gets attached to….

Worried about period stoppage or abnormal period?

Worried about period stoppage or abnormal period? Know more about the different reasons and best possible remedies. The usual period cycle for the majority of women happens every 28 days, sometimes slightly shorter or longer, for instance, 22 to 40 days, which is also common. But some women might experience irregular menstrual cycle (the time….

Looking For A Gynecologist Kolkata You Can Trust

Looking for a trusted Gynaecologist in Kolkata area? Come get your gynecologic problems solved by Dr Sudeshna Saha, experienced lady gynecologist. While we can’t claim she is the best lady gynecologist in Kolkata,  but surely among the top ones. You can consult her for medicinal help as well as surgical. Her skilled hands in laparoscopic surgery and….

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