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The touch of a doctor is worth 100 medicines .Exactly goes for Sudeshna Maam.An angel instead The treatment given by her experienced hand is unmatched….best gynae in kolkata as quoted by my cousin Asst. Comdt R.N.Mallick…whose wifes delivery was done by Sudeshna maam’ wud luv to have an appointment with you.

Ankita Dey


The gynae doctor SUDESHNA SAHA is undoubtedly the best doctor with whom i have ever met..i was under her treatment frm 2016 may onwards.her presence her personality her punctuality are worth mentioning..she is very kind and generous. i was admitted in prince nursing home fr both my delivery n left ovarian cyst..she operated me within half an hour .i didn’t feel the caesarean pain.Now i m a proud mom of a baby girl n by god’s grace i m perfectly alright. My whole family is very much satisfied with her.

Shreyabasu Das


Dr. Sudeshna Saha is One of the Best Gynecologists in Kolkata

Ritesh Kurmar Dubey


The way she took care of my issues and helped me to get over my complex gynecological problem I would certainly admire her as one of the best gynecologists in the Kolkata area.

Nirnita Naskar

House Wife

Pregnancy is a journey which usually has an happy ending. Our experience in this journey was beautiful and will be cherished Thanks to Sudeshna Madam. Really liked the way she used to guide and explain each and everything in details. Gave my wife minimal medication which my wife just LOVED. We were relaxed throughout. In no time this 9 months went by and now we are enjoying PARENTHOOD. Thank You Madam. From My Wife, Daughter and Me

Shubha Brata Gupta

She is a good doctor, little strict in her attitude but takes care of her patient and gives confidence to them. Will definitely recommend others to approach her for treatment.

Sudip Dutta

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